When did archibald peter mcnab die?

Stan Herman asked a question: When did archibald peter mcnab die?
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🐶 When was archibald peter mcnab born?

Archibald Peter McNab was born in 1864.

🐶 When was peter mcnab born?

Peter McNab was born on 1952-05-08.

🐶 When did alex mcnab die?

Alex McNab died on 1960-04-03.

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Archibald Peter McNab died in 1945.

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When was claire mcnab born?

Claire McNab was born in 1940.

When was colin mcnab born?

Colin McNab was born on 1961-02-03.

When was david mcnab born?

David McNab was born in 1958.

When was duncan mcnab born?

Duncan McNab was born on 1820-05-11.

When was jim mcnab born?

Jim McNab was born on April 13, 1940.

When was jock mcnab born?

Jock McNab was born in 1894.

When was malcolm mcnab born?

Malcolm McNab was born on 1943-03-25.

When was max mcnab born?

Max McNab was born on June 21, 1924.

When was mercedes mcnab born?

Mercedes McNab was born on March 14, 1980.

When was neil mcnab born?

Neil McNab was born on 1957-06-04.

When was sandy mcnab born?

Sandy McNab was born in 1911.

When did dorothy pauline mcnab die?

Dorothy Pauline McNab died in 1995.

When did duncan mcnab mceachran die?

Duncan McNab McEachran died on 1924-10-13.

When did william mcnab - engineer - die?

William McNab - engineer - died in 1923.

When does a mcnab dog mature?

Dog Breed Group: Herding Height : Females: 16-21 in Males: 18-25 in Weight: Females: 30-50 lbs Males: 35-65 lbs Life Span: 13-15 years Adaptability High; but not for apartments.. Trainability Easy to Train. Friendliness McNabs are kid-friendly dogs.

When was dorothy pauline mcnab born?

Dorothy Pauline McNab was born in 1921.

When was duncan mcnab mceachran born?

Duncan McNab McEachran was born on 1841-10-27.

When was william mcnab - engineer - born?

William McNab - engineer - was born in 1855.

When was william mcnab - footballer - born?

William McNab - footballer - was born in 1870.

When was said o'reilly to mcnab created?

Said O'Reilly to McNab was created in 1937.

When did the mcnab dog come to california?
  • Over the last three years, the McNab has gained popularity outside California for its ability to work in harsh conditions. Alexander McNab, a Scottish rancher, left his native land and arrived in California during the late 19th century.