Where to buy a australian stumpy tail cattle dog with a good pedigree in gabon?

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North Coast, New South Wales. Check Price. Cattle dog pups for sale, born 6/6/13 micro chipped 17/7/13 1 blue stumpy tail - female - $350 2 red stumpy tail - females - $350 1 red long tail - male - $300... 2. aussietraders.com.au.
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They should be clean, healthy and sociable (see Temperament). A useful reference site for sourcing registered breeders, puppies, mature dogs and stud dogs in Australia can be found at Dogzonline. Buyer Checklist. Make sure you have done adequate research into the breed and their suitability for your lifestyle and experience (see Owning a Stumpy).
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Email : [email protected] Send Email. "The Drovers Dog". Drovingmate & Silverlock Kennels are Breeders of quality Red & Blue Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs,with proven show & working ability. Remember that the original Stumpy has been a "DROVINGMATE" since 1845 & has played a big part in stock movments across this country.
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Although the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog shares its early history with the Australian Cattle Dog, it’s a breed in its own right and not a variety of the ACD. The Stumpy Tail is held in high regard in Australia as an intelligent, tireless and silent worker. AUSTRALIAN STUMPY TAIL CATTLE DOG 273-288_web_273-288 10/13/14 8:35 AM Page 1
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Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Puppies - Tagetarl Kennels - Australian Cattle Dog & Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Breeder - Darwin, NT. Phone: 61 (08) 89 881426. This Profile viewed: 17371 times. Please report any errors or concerns.
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Breed Information; Litter Size: 4-6 puppies: Puppy Prices: Average $500 - $1000 USD The average Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog price ranges from $500 to around $1000. This difference in price depends on many factors, including the location of the breeder (if you choose to go through one) and the lineage of the dog.
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Sadly, the Australian Cattle Dog Lab mix is one such hybrid. We do know that the parent breeds have been around for a long time. The Labrador parent can trace a proud heritage back to the 1600s in Canada. Australian Cattle Dogs originate from a diverse mix of breeds and were standardized in the 1890s.
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The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is the original Australian working dog, developed before the Australian Cattle Dog and the Australian Kelpie. Known affectionately as ‘the Stumpy’, it is a descendant from the Smithfield, a black and white rough-coated ‘bobtail’ dog that originally came from the Smithfield Markets in England.
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Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog digital download. Both solid silhouette and “love” images are included in all three file types. Background on representative photo will not be in download - PNG and SVG files will have transparent backgrounds. This is a digital download only. You will not be
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We accept reservation on breeding 2017.Puppies will born in APRIL. Our breeding is based on deep generation guard dogs for personal protection.Puppies will be chipped, vaccinated with pedigree. facebo... Last update: 24. Feb, 2017. Country: Slovakia. Price: 1200 EUR. Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
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