Which dog is best for army?

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When It Comes to Military Dogs, These 5 Breeds Are Military

  • Yorkshire Terrier. Yorkshire Terrier. Photography courtesy Zoey Porter and Mary Ingersoll-Ackerman.
  • Doberman Pinscher. Doberman Pinscher. Photography courtesy Rich Knecht photography.
  • Bully Breeds. Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
  • German Shepherd Dog. German Shepherd Dog.
  • Boxer. Boxer.
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Here are the 10 best dogs for kids and families:

  • Bulldog. For a devoted, patient pup that's sure to act affectionately towards the kids, the Bulldog is your go-to breed.
  • Beagle.
  • Bull Terrier.
  • Collie.
  • Newfoundland.
  • Vizsla.
  • Irish Setter.
  • Poodle.

The Best Dog Harness

  • Our pick. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness. The best dog harness
  • Also great. 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness. For bigger dogs
  • Also great. Puppia Soft Dog Harness. For tiny pups.

If you count yourself amongst them, then you'll certainly want to take a look at our list of the 15 best dog breeds for hunting.

  • Coonhound.
  • English Setter.
  • German Shorthaired Pointer.
  • Golden Retriever.
  • Irish Setter.
  • Jack Russel Terrier.
  • Labrador Retreiver.
  • Weimaraner.

The chocolate Labrador is the best color for Labrador to buy.

The chocolate Labradors are proved to be the best pet dogs.


But Really…Which Dog Biscuit is Best?

  1. There's No Place Like Home(made)
  2. Ultra.
  3. Blue Buffalo.
  4. Canidae.
  5. Old Mother Hubbard.
  6. Nutro Natural Choice. Powered by Giphy.
  7. Eukanuba Healthy Extras. High protein and a healthy amount of fat make this brand a good bet for puppies, specifically the puppy growth biscuits if you have a new, four-legged family member 1-12 months.

Our Top Picks for the Best Bones For Dogs:

  • Elk Antler Dog Chews by Pound by Deluxe Naturals.
  • Busy Bone Mini Dog Treats by Purina.
  • Beef Bone Natural Dog Treat by Pet'n Shape.
  • Premium Grade Roasted Meaty Beef Mammoth Femur Bone Dog Treat by Jack&Pup.
  • Toy Beyond Bone by Petstages.
  • Ruffwood Wooden Dog Chew Toy by Petstages.

These are the smartest dog breeds, according to Coren:

  • 1 Border Collie. Getty Images.
  • 2 Poodle. Getty Images.
  • 3 German Shepherd. Getty Images.
  • 4 Golden Retriever. Getty Images.
  • 5 Doberman Pinscher. Getty Images.
  • 6 Shetland Sheepdog. Getty Images.
  • 7 Labrador Retriever. Getty Images.
  • 8 Papillon. Getty Images.
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