Why do cats knock things off tables?

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Why do cats knock things off tables?

The Truth Behind Feline Vandalism

It’s a well-known fact about felines that they can sometimes be testy housemates. And, there is one universal question for cat parents; why do dog cats knock things off tables? 

Swiping things off tables is ultimately a very “cat” thing to do. At home pet sitters have seen cats getting up to all kinds of mischief. Whether it’s opening cabinets and drawers, climbing and batting at objects, or running around the furniture, these curious cats are always up for exploring and playing. 

So why do cats do this and what can we do to change cat behaviour to save our glassware from a sneaky prod?

why do cats knock things off tables?

Why do cats knock things off tables?

We can pinpoint a few possible explanations for why cats knock things off tables:

Cats knock things off tables out of curiosity

For starters, cats are highly curious creatures. It’s fair to assume that cats just have to know what’s happening around them—no matter where they are. And if given the opportunity to explore higher ground, cats may be compelled to investigate objects that are placed atop tables and cabinets. After all, cats are the kings and queens of eyesight—they can spot an intriguing object in an instant!

A falling object is a source of entertainment

We know cats can be sly and sneaky masters of mayhem.  Since cats’ natural instincts draw them towards playing with objects that make noise, a displaced object could be a potential source of amusement for them. After all, what’s more fascinating than a loud smash and a shrieking human?

Cats will swipe at objects because they are predators

Never forget our kittens are apex predators! Cats knock things off tables because their inner hunter is always trying to stay prepared to pounce on any unsuspecting prey that might be lurking about!

Cats swipe things off counters when they are bored

Cats might also be more likely to knock things off tables if they’re feeling bored or restless. Once fed and groomed, they may be up for some playtime and exploration. However, if they’re left alone in the home with no human interaction or any other cats to play with, they’ll make do with whatever’s around —tables, couches, and cabinets included. And whatever is on top is fair game!

Sometimes it’s an accident!

In kittenhood, cats will also often knock things off tables while they’re playing or exploring. Because their coordination and balance may not be as developed as that of an adult cat, their attempts to reach the object of their interest can sometimes be a bit clumsy. A bad case of cat zoomies can often send many tabletop objects flying!

Cats want our attention

Finally, cats may be knocking things off tables in order to initiate some well-deserved attention from their humans. After all, cats can definitely tell when something is off kilter (no pun intended) and may view a knocked-over object as a call to action for their owners or pet sitters. This is often why they’ll look  straight at us when they do it.

At other times, it is to wake us up or draw us away from the TV when it’s time for scratches and food.

why do cats knock things off tables

How do we stop cats knocking things off tables?

Stopping a cat from knocking items off of tables can be difficult, but not impossible. You can use the following steps to safeguard your belongings:

  1. One of the most effective methods for preventing your cat from knocking things off the table is positive reinforcement. When your cat is being courteous and behaving around the table (not knocking things off), give your cat a reward in the form of extra attention, treats, or simply verbal praise. This will help reinforce the behaviour you want to see and set a positive example for your cat. 
  2. Next, remove any items from the table that could be seen as tempting to your cat such as toy mice or food. Often cats will knock items off the table just out of curiosity and if the initial items that spark their interest are removed, there won’t be a need to knock other items off the table.
  3. It is also important to make sure that the table is not a good perch to jump onto or off of. If your cat can hop up onto the table easily, they will likely continue to return to it, furthering their bad behaviour. To combat this, you can create a good  alternative such as a scratching post or a cat tree that is more appealing for your cat at a lower height compared to the table. 
  4. You can also attempt to deter your cat from going near the table by placing a tinfoil or something with a sticky surface in front of it. Place this object on the floor, where your cat typically tries to access the table from, to discourage them from returning to the furniture.
  5. You also want to redirect your cats’ attention from the table by occupying them with interactive toys and activities that can draw their attention away from the potential for destruction.
  6. Finally, use pet sitting or cat boarding services to make sure your cat is monitored and safe while you are away. A good pet sitter can keep your ornaments and glasses safe while you are away!

Final Thoughts

So, why do cats knock things off tables? Ultimately, cats are curious creatures that happen to like high ground and stimulating objects. We may never know the true reasoning behind their antics, but one thing is certain—it never fails to bring a smile to our faces.

why do cats knock things off tables

The post Why do cats knock things off tables? appeared first on Mad Paws.