Why do dogs hate puppies?

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Many dogs display behaviors that may suggest that they don't like puppies, but things are not always how they appear.

Many dog owners are concerned if they catch their dog growling or snarling at a puppy.

The reason for this is simple: puppies don't have manners.


The strong smell and taste of citrus oil may help curb the chewing impulse on those items.

You can use vinegar straight from the bottle to sprinkle it or spray it.

Although the acrid odor of vinegar may not be appealing to humans either, it is another natural smell that your dog probably won't like.


Many dogs struggle in the bath because their feet slip when they can't gain traction.

Don't douse your dog with running water; this will make him nervous.

Use a washcloth to wash your dog's face — it's less frightening than running water splashing over his snout.


Puppies aren't born wearing collars, so when a collar is first fastened around a puppy's little neck, it can feel strange for her.

Most Puppies will bite, scratch, turn circles or refuse to walk while wearing a collar.

This is totally normal behavior.

As pet owners, it's our job to train a puppy to wear a collar.


Dogs, even toy breeds, still retain some of the hunting instincts that served their wild ancestors.

Dogs enjoy chasing cats not because they hate cats, but because a fast-moving feline triggers a strong, natural instinct that takes training and socialization to override.

cats and Dogs also communicate differently.


Dogs have lived side by side with humans for at least 10,000 years or more, according to thescientist.com.

Despite living in close quarters with each other for so long, humans often do things to Dogs that they believe Dogs love, but dogs distinctly dislike.


Because bananas are a great source of nutrients, such as potassium, fiber, manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, biotin and copper, they can make wonderful treats.

"As long as bananas are just a snack, not the whole meal, and the dog isn't allergic to the banana, then there's no reason not to feed them."


Dogs might hate baths because they don't like the smells of the shampoo.

People shampoos are overly aggressive on delicate canine fur and skin.

To avoid annoying your dog with the overpowering fragrance of a product, look for a mild canine shampoo that either is unscented or has an extremely subtle scent.

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