Why does my dog's ear smell so bad?

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Ear infections in dogs occur when that bacteria or yeast overgrows.

The canals are warm and dark.

If moisture gets in there, the bacteria or yeast have a wild party… and your dog is the unwilling host! The infection can cause a lot of irritation in your dog's ear canal.


Do Dogs Emit Smells if Scared? If you've ever noticed that your poor pooch always seems to take on a rather unpleasant body odor whenever he's in the midst of frightening or high-stress situations, don't think of him as a weirdo.

It is not uncommon for dogs to emit disagreeable odors in times of intense strain.


If you notice your artificial grass or hardscapes smell like dog pee in certain areas, mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the area.

When people complain that their synthetic turf smells like dog urine, it is often the case that these steps were not taken during the installation process.


Only the French study found 100% of those sniffed had smelly urine.

The culprit in asparagus that makes pee smelly is called asparagusic acid.

This acid is broken down in our gastrointestinal tract, and when this happens it releases sulphur, which is thought to make our urine smell.


Bad odor is a common sign of cancer.

Tumors in the mouth, nose, or anus can lead to offensive smells.

Continuing lameness, like limping or stiffness, can be caused by nerve, muscle, or bone cancer.

Although in older dogs it can also be a symptom of arthritis.


Bad odor is a common sign of cancer.

Problems with eating or swallowing are a common result of cancers in the mouth and neck.

Unwillingness to exercise and play, or a decrease in stamina.

Although the cause for this can be as simple as old age, it can also be one of the first indicators that your pet is sick.


Fortunately most fish oil for dogs contains additional vitamin E for this very reason, but it is worth checking that yours does before you make a purchase.

Finally, taking fish oil may cause your dog to develop a "fishy" smell, though if you're already used to the "doggy" smell this probably is not much worse.


The reason for Banixx' success on dog ringworm is because it's a potent anti-fungal treatment, killing 99% of most fungal spores within minutes.

Moreover, it has no burn or odor to create fear in your pet, and is totally safe around the eye, making application easier still.

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