Why is it called a dogleg?

Kade Gleason asked a question: Why is it called a dogleg?
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7 dogleg gearbox equipped production cars

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A "dogleg" or "dogleg hole" is a golf hole that is crooked, like the hind leg of a dog: A hole that bends at some point along its length.

The golfer tees off to a fairway that goes (generally) straight until reaching the bend, and then the fairway veers left or right and continues in that direction to the green.


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🐶 What is a dogleg in aviation?


[′dȯg‚leg] (navigation) That portion of a flight which does not lead directly to the destination or way point, followed to comply with established flight procedures, avoid possible dangers or bad weather areas, or delay time of arrival.

🐶 What is a dogleg in construction?

Dogleg or dog-leg may refer to: dog-leg (stairs), a configuration of stairs which includes a half-landing before turning and continuing upwards.

dog-leg gearbox, an unusual manual transmission layout.

Dogleg, a feature of a golf course.

Dogleg, a type of artifact in computer imaging, colloquially known as jaggies.

🐶 A cat called dog?

A Cat Called Dog is a charming, witty and entertaining novel for cat lovers everywhere Dog is a cat - the only problem is that he doesn't behave like one! Instead he wags his tail, sticks out his tongue and yaps in a manner which is distinctly puppyish. Something has to be done; the pride of cats is at stake!

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The Akita is a large and powerful dog breed with a noble and intimidating presence. They were originally used for guarding royalty and nobility in feudal Japan. These dogs also tracked and hunted wild boar, black bear, and sometimes deer.

A dog breed called mast?

The Neapolitan Mastiff dog breed was developed in southern Italy as a family and guard dog. Today this massive breed is known as a gentle giant.

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The Whippet (also English Whippet or Snap Dog) is a dog breed of medium size. They are a sighthound breed that originated in England, where they descended from Greyhounds. Whippets today still strongly resemble a smaller Greyhound.

Are all dogs called canines?

That's right, Fido is a canine.

(All dogs are.) Coyotes and wolves are canines, too.

The sharp pointy teeth in your mouth are also called canines.

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A dingo baby is called a "pup." Josiah

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they are called nails

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The French Bulldog thrived in France and Europe, and his charm was soon discovered by Americans as well. The United States saw its first French Bulldog at the Westminster Kennel Club show in 1896. The breed was quickly nicknamed "Frenchie," and it is still an affectionate name that is used today.

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Myth #3: Pitbulls were once nanny dogs.

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There's no such thing as a nanny dog.

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Colloquially, you'd call the male, a dog and the female, a bitch.

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Baby dingos are called pups.

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A pup like every other dog.