Why is it called puppy strangles?

Terrell King asked a question: Why is it called puppy strangles?
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Juvenile cellulitis, also known by the name "puppy strangles", is an uncommon skin condition of young dogs.

The underlying cause of juvenile cellulitis has not yet been identified.

This condition is currently regarded as idiopathic, meaning that its cause is currently unknown.


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🐶 What causes puppy strangles?

Puppy strangles, or juvenile cellulitis, is a nodular and pustular skin disorder that affects puppies.

The cause of this condition is unknown, but there are breeds that have been shown to be predisposed to it, including golden retrievers, dachshunds, and Gordon setters.

🐶 Can humans get puppy strangles?

Is Puppy Strangles Contagious? Puppy Strangles is NOT contagious.

It is an autoimmune disease, which means the dog's body has produced antibodies that are attacking its cells and tissue.

This leads to the deterioration and sometimes destruction of the tissue.

🐶 Can a puppy die from puppy strangles?

There is an effective treatment for puppy strangles; however, if it continues untreated, it can lead to permanent scarring and even death.

puppy strangles is the common term for juvenile cellulitis, a skin disorder that is found in puppies but very rarely in adult dogs.

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