Why is led zeppelin song called black dog?

Remington Kling asked a question: Why is led zeppelin song called black dog?
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Black dog

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A nameless black Labrador Retriever would wander the grounds, and the band would feed it.

When they needed a name for this track - which didn't have an obvious title - they thought of the canine and went with "Black Dog." This is the first track on Led Zeppelin 4, which became the band's best-selling album.


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🐶 Author of black dog by led zeppelin?

John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant.

🐶 Where is the black dog in black dog from led zeppelin?


🐶 How do you play black dog by led zeppelin on the guitar?

go to ultimate-guitar.com and search black dog. p.s dont forget the - in the middle of ultimate and guitar. :)

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Black dog (live at celebration day)

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that is the same as asking "why are humans called humans" isn't it? The answer is simply "because they are".

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Black bassets are not unusual A solid black basset is not common but there are plenty of "Black Bassets". My Bubba was a very beautiful black-blanket tri show dog ,his color made him that much more stunning. I am sold on this color but I want a conformationally sound dog as well. There are a few lines in conformation that are producing black-tri puppies quite often.

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