Your dog has black spots on her tongue what kind of dog is she?

Michel Hansen asked a question: Your dog has black spots on her tongue what kind of dog is she?
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👉 What kind of dog has black spots on the tongue?

For one, a Chow

👉 What kind of dogs have black spots on their tongue?

The Chinese Shar-Pei shares this trait as well.

A few other animals have black tongues, too: the giraffe, polar bear, and several breeds of cattle including the Jersey.

We also know that blue-black spots on tongues are very common in dogs - more than 30 pure breeds are known to have members with spotted tongues.

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👉 What causes black spots on dogs tongue?

What causes black spots on a dog’s tongue? Black spots are simply pigmentation. Just like certain breeds have darker “points” or spots, spots on a dog’s tongue are merely pigmented skin cells....

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She is a pure breed of German Shepard. If you don't have one I advise you to get one. They are obidient and extremely protective and strong. Dr.Stewart

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Why does my dog have black spots on her tongue?

dog black her dog

We do know that the Chow is not the only breed with a blue-black tongue.

The Chinese Shar-Pei shares this trait as well.

Spots on tongues are simply deposits of extra pigment, like birthmarks and freckles on people.

Dogs often have spots of dark pigment on their skin, too, hiding under their coats.

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Why do some dogs have black spots on their tongue suddenly?

Because is call a cycle of dogs

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What kind of dog is white with black spots?

a dalmatian

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What kind of dogs have black spots on white fur?


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What do blue spots on a dogs tongue mean?

blue dogs mean dogs

Other cases of discolored tongues in our pets indicate serious medical conditions. If the discolored spots are higher than the surrounding tissue, they might be cancerous. Or, a blue, purple, or even black tongue could indicate a serious lack of oxygen in our dog’s blood. That condition is called cyanosis.

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What do brown spots on a dogs tongue mean?

black spot dog s tongue golden retriever

These dark spots on your dog's tongue are actually just areas of hyper-pigmentation. Basically, these spots are the freckles or beauty marks of the canine world. They are harmless markings that develop when more pigment is deposited on one area of the tongue.

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What do numerous black spots on your dog's skin mean?

Many breeds of dogs have brown, white, pink or black spots on their skin. If in doubt and you are worried about it take your dog to the vet. It wouldn't hurt. All pet owners of dogs and cats should start from the head and work backwards on the body for any signs of lumps at least once a week. I do this automatically when my dogs are laying beside me and that includes my cat.

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What causes black spots on dogs?

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Commonly referred to lichenification, black patches are caused by irritation.

Black spots can appear anywhere on the body of a canine such as the back, tail, legs and so on.

There's nothing to worry about if the Black spots appear without any change or sign of inflammation or in the underlying skin.

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What does it mean if your dog has a black tongue?

dog mean black dog

A black looking tongue may mean that your dog has an inflammation or ulceration in his mouth, especially if it's accompanied by excessive drool.

A solid black tongue can also indicate a deficiency of niacin.

Some dogs, regardless of breed(s), develop spots of excess pigmentation on their tongues.

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What dog breed has a black tongue?

labrador retriever black tongue dog

Chow Chow's

The Chow Chow's blue-black tongue makes it unique in the dog world, but it actually shares this characteristic with one other dog breed: the Chinese Shar-Pei.

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What kind of dog is gray with black spots and floppy ears?

Possible that it is a Catahoula. I saw a very gray dog with small black spots, and have been looking for this answer myself. So far some Catahoula's are the closest I've seen.

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What causes black spots on dogs gums?

black dogs black spots dogs gums

Black pigment spots are common on the gums of dogs, and are not typically a sign of concern.

It is usually just pigmentation, just the same as some dogs have pigmentation on their tongues and/or the roof of their mouths.

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What dog is white with black spots?

  • The harlequin Great Dane is white with black spots, but no patch should be so large that it appears to be a blanket. German short-haired and wire-haired pointers have spots, as do their English cousins. Spots make a dog individual, and the most individual of all is the mixed breed dog - no two are quite alike.

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What dogs are white with black spots?


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What is white dog with black spots?

Dalmatian, Great Dane, Mastiff, Jack Russell Terrier, Rat Terrier or a mix.

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What is a black dog with white with black spots?

A mad dog in a cow costume or Dalmatian dog

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If there are black spots on a dog's tongue does that mean it's a hunting dog?

no that's rubbish

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What breed of dog has a black tongue?

dog black black dog

Here Are Some Dog Breeds That Have The Characteristic Black Tongue Chow-Chow. The Chow-Chow breeds are the oldest dog breeds in the world, believed to have their ancestry from wolves. Chinese Shar-Pei. The Chinese Shar-pei breeds have their origin from Canton, China, and are known to be friendly, ...

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What breeds of dog have a black tongue?

Because Chows are the dogs most known as having black or black-spotted tongues, some mistakenly assume that a dog with a black tongue is a Chow or at least part Chow. In reality, there are many other breeds of dog that may have black spots on their tongue or gums.The Chinese Shar-Pei (commonly referred to as the 'wrinkle dog') is another breed that is known to have a black tongue. Many breeds are known to have tongues or gums with black spots, prompting less knowledgeable owners to think they may have a dog that is of mixed parentage rather than a purebred.The following breeds are ALL known to have black tongues:Airedale (If purebred, they only have black spots, not an entirely black tongue and it does relate to Chow Chow bloodlines in the breed development in this situation)AkitaAustralian Cattle DogAustralian ShepherdBelgian SheepdogBelgian MalinoisBichon FriseBull MastiffCairn TerrierCollieCocker SpanielDalmationDoberman PinscherEnglish SetterGerman Shepherd DogGolden RetrieverGordon SetterGreat PyraneesIrish SetterKeeshondLabrador RetrieverMastiffNewfoundlandPomeranianPugRhodesian RidgebackRottweilerSiberian HuskyTibetan Mastiffas well as several other breeds that are less well known.The black spots on a dog's tongue are a result of excessive pigment, much the same as freckles or birthmarks in people.

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What dog breeds have a blue-black tongue?

The Chow's blue tongue makes it unique in the dog world, with one exception: the Chinese Shar-Pei. Like the Chow Chow, the Shar-Pei's breed standard requires bluish-black pigmentation in the mouth and tongue, with exceptions made for dilute colors, which may have lavender pigmentation.

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Do keeshond dogs have black tongue?

black dogs keeshond

No, the Keeshond has a pink tongue. Only Chow Chows and Chinese Shar-Pei have a black-bluish tongue.

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