Your german shepherd is unable to lift up her hind section?

Archibald Kirlin asked a question: Your german shepherd is unable to lift up her hind section?
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👉 Is your german shepherd skinny?

You should be able to feel your german shepherd spines, however, you should also be able to feel skin and muscle around it too. If it's too bony or sticking out too much then they're too skinny. On the flip-side if you can't feel your german shepherds spine at all then they may be overweight.

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👉 Why wont your female german shepherd let your male german shepherd mount her?

Because she is dominant or not in heat.

👉 Do german shepherds have hind dew claws?

For show German Shepherds, dewclaws in the front legs are accepted.

But the ones in the hind legs must be removed.

It is believed that dewclaws are a barely attached to the foot.

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I would strongly suggest you contact a veterinarian. This is something that needs an examination from a vet, and can't be answered.

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Should you talk to your german shepherd in german?

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It is not needed at all. The German Shepherd was merely originated in Germany. If you talk to your puppy in English, it will respond to English commands only... Not German, Spanish or any other... If you speak to it and command in German from a puppy it wont respond to English or any other until you teach it too. many a dog has been thought of as partially deaf when it's only due to the previous owner teaching it in a different language.

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Why are german shepherd called german shepherd?

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They're called German Shepherds, because back in Germany, they used these wonderful dogs to herd their sheep. The German name is Deutscher Schäferhund;literally, Deutscher = German, Schäfer = Shepherd, hund = dog.

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Are german shepherds bred for shorter hind legs?

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The American Kennel Club (AKC) has regulations as to what is a breed standard and therefore competitive in the ring… So when you see German Shepherds on TV, they've been specifically bred so that their rear legs will come as close to that 90-degree angle as possible.

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Are people scared of your german shepherd?

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1. GSDs are large dogs with distinctive markings. Not only are people afraid of the large dog, but due to their easily recognizable look, they know to associate that fear with this breed.

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Does a german shepherd guard your house?

Certainly. They are very smart and can be trained to bite a burglar in the testicles and rip them off.

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How do you bathe your german shepherd?

If its summer time you can bathe him/her outside.If winter bathe in the bath tub.

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How long will your german shepherd bleed?

5 year's old by my jarman shepherd dog height 25.9 inch

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How to care for your german shepherd?

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Routine Care, Diet, and Exercise

  1. She needs a thorough brushing at least weekly most of the year…
  2. German Shepherd Dogs generally have good teeth, and you can keep them perfect by brushing them at least twice a week!
  3. She has a high prey drive, so she needs to be leash walked and a fenced yard is a must.

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How to keep your german shepherd healthy?

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8 Ways to Keep Your German Shepherd Happy & Healthy

  1. Buy from a Responsible Breeder.
  2. Nutrition & Healthy Food.
  3. Feeding the Right Amount.
  4. Proper Socialization.
  5. Mental & Physical Exercise.
  6. Regular Vet Check-Ups.
  7. Bone & Joint Protection.
  8. Lots of Love.

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How to make your german shepherd aggressive?

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So, your next step in training your aggressive German Shepherd is to recognize these warning signs so that you can intervene in time. Look for: Growing/Snarling; Excessive barking; Showing teeth; Snapping or nipping; Rigid body; Yawing; Lunching; All these signs show that your German Shepherd is feeling uncomfortable, stressed, or afraid.

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How to make your german shepherd bigger?

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Switch to puppy food.

Puppy food is higher in calories to encourage growth. Try a mix of half your dog's regular food and half puppy food to help them gain weight. Talk to your vet first to make sure it's safe for your dog to be eating a puppy food that's high in protein.

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How to train your german shepherd dog?

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Give your GSD an opportunity to hit his own learning stride, and do not expect him to learn on your schedule. By understanding how your GSD’s intelligence functions in this manner, you will be setting both you and your dog up for training success! Understand That Your German Shepherd Is a Working Dog

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How to train your german shepherd puppy?

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From 3 to 9 Months

The German Shepherd Dog's work ethic is legendary, and you can encourage your dog's best working traits with early and ongoing training. GSDs excel at obedience, so begin teaching your puppy basic commands like sit, down, and stay, as well as loose-leash walking, from an early age.

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Is the german shepherd german?

German shepherds originated from Germany but there are actually several different types of them. Such as the American German Shepherd.

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Jumping german shepherd?

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The most probable reason for the jumping is that it is excited. When German Shepherds get excited it's common for them to express their excitement by jumping up. They do it because they want to greet you at the face and because their mother would feed them from the face as puppies and they would jump up.

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Why german shepherd?

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The German shepherd dog is a herding breed known for its courage, loyalty and guarding instincts. This breed makes an excellent guard dog, police dog, military dog, guide dog for the blind and search and rescue dog. For many families, the German shepherd is also a treasured family pet.

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Is the white german shepherd still a german shepherd?

No. It is a swiss shepherd

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Can not feel puppies in your german shepherd?

Her gestation may not be far in. A Shepherd is generally pregnant for 63 days, the puppies can usually be felt after 3 weeks.

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Do you wash your german shepherd every day?

  • Daily brushing will keep up with their shedding needs. Even without extreme events like fleas and skunks, German Shepherd Dogs (a.k.a. German Shepherd or GSD) do need a good scrub down every now and again to stay healthy.

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How do you calm your hyper german shepherd?

Hyper dogs often are not getting enough exercise -- you should be going on a strenuous walk at least once daily -- the dog ought to be TIRED when you get back!To calm a hyper German Shepherd or any type of dog you...

  • Talk to it gently...
  • Stroke it soothingly...
  • Treat it nicely...
  • DONE!

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How do you control your hyper german shepherd?

i got a german sheperd and he is only 9 weeks old and I usually play and run with it untill it tires

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How do you make your german shepherd happy?

To make/keep your Shepherd happy, pay attention to it often and don't forget to pet it once and awhile and take her out for lots of exercise.

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How do you train your german shepherd puppy?

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Understand Your German Shepherd’s Body Language. We’ve discussed keeping yourself calm and under control, as your GSD is very adept at reading your emotional state. He will pick up on cues from your body language just as easily as he will pick up on the inflection of your voice. This goes both ways.

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