Your puppy only pees on her wee wee pad but poops right next to it how do you train her to do both on pad?

Willis Kozey asked a question: Your puppy only pees on her wee wee pad but poops right next to it how do you train her to do both on pad?
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👉 Do commercial where dog pees and poops?

There is a pretty simple answer to the question Can Dogs Pee and Poop on Artificial Grass! Yes, only if the grass is 100% pet friendly artificial grass. Many artificial grass types available on the market are advertised as pet friendly, when they have not been made for this purpose. It is very misleading so it is important that you do your research into the company and their grass to ensure it ...

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👉 What happens if your puppy poops blood?

In addition, your veterinarian will likely check your dog's stool for intestinal parasites by performing a fecal flotation.

Intestinal parasites are rarely seen because they live inside your dog's intestinal tract.

Parasites that can cause blood or mucus in your dog's stool include: Hookworms.

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👉 What to do when your puppy pees in the house?

  • Take the dog by the collar and immediately lead him outside. Follow the dog outside and give him a command when he starts to urinate. Stand quietly as the dog uses the bathroom, and reward him with a treat. The positive reinforcement teaches the dog that peeing outside results in a tasty treat.

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Dogs prefer to poop in an otherwise clean area; once a pee pad has pee on it, the dog will not prefer to poop on it. Replace the pee pad immediately after it's been used each time. In addition, when the dog DOES poop in the right spot, treat the dog and praise him lavishly with petting. When he does it wrong, don't acknowledge the dog at all (don't get mad, either). Very quickly, the dog will learn where to poop to get treats and praise.

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How to train your rottweiler puppy?


The very first command you should teach your Rottweiler is “sit” . This command is essential in making your life easier. You teach them “sit” and tough tasks like feeding and grooming can become a whole lot easier. To get your dog to sit, you first must make sure you have their attention.

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How to train your schnauzer puppy?

giant schnauzer dog breed

Teach your Miniature Schnauzer basic commands like 'come', 'sit', and 'stay', using rewards like treats and play. Start with simple requests or only short sessions. A young dog can only focus attention for a short period of time, work within your dog's limits.

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Should we crate train your puppy?


The most important part of crate training is making sure your puppy always associates it with a positive experience.

Every time you take the puppy out of the crate, take him for a walk so he can eliminate.

He'll get used to The idea that potty time comes after crate time.

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When should you train your puppy?

your puppy puppy

Young puppies have short attention spans but you can expect them to begin to learn simple obedience commands such as "sit," "down," and "stay," as young as 7 to 8 weeks of age.

Formal dog training has traditionally been delayed until 6 months of age.

Actually, this juvenile stage is a very poor time to start.

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Why do dogs poops only once a day?

Why do some dogs only poop once? Is it ok for dogs to poop only once?

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What do you do when your puppy poops in his crate?

your puppy puppy crate

If you keep track of when food and water goes in, you'll have a good idea of when she'll need to relieve herself outside.

3. Use a smaller crate.

Your puppy's crate should be just big enough for her to turn around and lie down.

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What do you do when your puppy poops in the house?

your puppy puppy house

If the dog begins to poop/pee inside:

  1. Immediately interrupt him by clapping and saying "Ah ah!"
  2. Get the dog outside as soon as possible (carry him whenever possible and put the leash on the dog as you head to the door).

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What do you do when your puppy poops on the carpet?

your puppy

Watch for sniffing, squatting, circling or tail out straight — and take the dog out immediately.

If the dog begins to poop/pee inside: Immediately interrupt him by clapping and saying "Ah ah!" Get the dog outside as soon as possible (carry him whenever possible and put the leash on the dog as you head to the door).

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How to crate train your bulldog puppy?

puppy crate dog breed

As a general guideline puppies can “hold it” one hour for every month of age up to 8 hours. Confine him for 5 minutes as first to acclimate him to his crate. Gradually increase the time as he becomes more comfortable. Do not show excitement when release him or he will think of leaving his crate as a reward.

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How to house train your rottweiler puppy?

puppy rottweiler your puppy

Potty Training Your Rottweiler Puppy (Housebreaking) Consistency. You must first be consistent when potty training your Rottie. That means, especially if the Rottie is a... Take Your Rottweiler Out During the Night. No one wants to get out of bed to take the dog outside. Especially if it is..…

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How to potty train your labrador puppy?

chocolate lab puppies puppy potty training schedule


  1. Take puppy outside to the toilet area and wait with him until he empties himself.
  2. Bring him indoors and allow him free access to your kitchen for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  3. Crate or cuddle the puppy until it is thirty minute since his last wee.
  4. Take the puppy back out to the toilet area.

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How to potty train your schnauzer puppy?

train puppy schnauzer

Bring on the Schnauzer Put your pup on his leash and take him out to the spot. Let him have about 15 minutes to wander around on the leash and go potty. If for some reason he doesn't go, don't worry.

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How to puppy pad train your dog?

chihuahua puppy dog

Potty pad training your dog

  1. Restrict Fluffy's access inside the house. Keep her on leash with you, in a free-standing pen on an easy-to-clean floor (while supervised), or in a properly-sized kennel…
  2. No punishment…
  3. Set up her “alone” room…
  4. Feed Fluffy on a schedule…
  5. Take her to her pad regularly and wait for her to go.

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How to train your alaskan malamute puppy?

tibetan mastiff german shepherd

An Easy Way to Teach Your Malamute to Sit on a Lead

  1. Leash up your dog and make sure you have kibble in your pocket.
  2. Begin walking at a normal pace but stop after a few steps…
  3. Wait for the dog to sit and then reward.
  4. Continue on a few more paces and repeat this process.

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How to train your american bulldog puppy?

american bulldog bulldog

How to Train an American Bulldog: Beginners Guide Start by clearly saying the command you wish to teach.. Demonstrate the command, or show your dog how. For example, if you are teaching your bulldog to sit, gently push down on... Give positive reinforcements such as a treat.. Repeat this process a ...

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How to train your american bully puppy?

2 month old american bully 3 month old american bully

Training an American Bully puppy

Always use positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement involves rewarding positive behaviors, while a simple "no" is enough when they do something you do not approve of. Don't shout and never be violent towards your puppy.

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How to train your australian shepherd puppy?

Is an Australian Shepherd a good dog?

  • This breed is very intelligent, high energy, and affectionate. They're often great with children and very playful, but should be supervised like any dog. Australian Shepherds are good canine citizens in the dog park.

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How to train your boarder collie puppy?

collie train puppy

Steps on how to train a Border Collie

  1. Do your research about your dog's breed…
  2. Keeping your Border Collie's attention…
  3. Be firm and consistent when training your Border Collie
  4. Give your Border Collie lots of encouragement and affirmation…
  5. Socialize your Border Collie…
  6. Prepare different activities for training.

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How to train your bull terrier puppy?

bull-pei bull terrier

You should train your Bull Terrier by positive reinforcement, using rewards and praise and avoiding punishment at all costs. If you want your pet to acquire a certain behavior, reward them immediately when they do it and ignore any behaviors you want to avoid.

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How to train your cane corso puppy?

your puppy cane corso

Training Your Cane Corso is a Requirement. All Cane Corso puppies are sweet and adorable when you bring them home, but one must remember that this darling little thing is going to grow very quickly into a large dog - large dog that can be strong willed and has a dominate nature. You, as the new owner, must establish control and dominance at an ...

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